evento alla tenuta planeta

Theater in the vineyard

A natural theater in the heart of the vineyards, where the wines of the Volcano are born, merging the worlds of wine and performance.


Edizione 2024

Sciaranuova Festival - “Other Creatures.”

Teatro in Vigna is back at the 8th edition of Sciaranuova Festival, featuring, in the extraordinary landscape on the slopes of Mount Etna, “Other Creatures”: four shows that embody the vibrancy of contemporary theatre and directed by Ottavia Casagrande. Through characters such as Sergio’s unnamed wife, Italo Calvino’s dwarf, the defeated couple of Emma Dante’s “The Tango of the Blackcaps” and the generations of Tindaro Granata’s “Antropolaroid,” the 2024 edition of Sciaranuova Festival casts an intimate and profound glance at the facets of the human soul. We meet these characters, as bewildering as they are fascinating, every day in the supermarket, on the train or on the street, but it is only in the theatre that we have a chance to really get to know them.

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