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Vittoria has always been a place close to our family’s history and long agricultural tradition: our grandparents used to argue over whether the wines were better here or in Menfi. We learned to recognize the fragrance of Cerasuolo di Vittoria since we were children, so it was natural for us to cross the southern coast of the island to come and produce it here, in its great homeland. The main characteristic of these lands is the texture of the red sands: this is where the name Cerasuolo comes from, which evokes the “cerasa”, the cherry in Sicilian. Here, between the plateau and the sea, where in summer the temperatures are very high and the rainfall is very low, the vineyards intertwine with the ecosystem of the Mediterranean macchia.

Struttura Dorilli


  • Estate since 1997
  • Total Hectares 30

The Dorilli estate was born in 1997, from the restructuring of the large farmhouse that stood in the heart of an ancient fiefdom: we replanted the vineyards, which had not existed for a long time, we recovered the cellar and the large rooms that we now reserve for hospitality. With its typical Liberty imprint, the entire estate expresses the charm of great elegance together with the unmistakable atmosphere of ancient country residences. The Dorilli and Mogli vineyards, entirely cultivated with Nero d’Avola and Frappato, extend for 30 hectares on those red lands of fine and light sand, which so unmistakably mark with the aromatic profiles of Cerasuolo.

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