Our Olive Oil and
the Capparrina’s Oasis

Receiving the baton from 17 generations, we cultivate our land in Sicily together with two great passions: wine and extra virgin olive oil. Planeta’s territory devoted to oil production is in Menfi and is called Capparrina, which has been in the family forever.Here we take care of the olive grove descending from the hill as far as the beach of Porto Palo: 98 hectares, plus other 50 added since 2017, planted to complete a major project with the aim of protecting the landscape and improving the quality of our olive oil.

For this reason, we have introduced the concept of ‘Capparrina’s Oasis’: it is not only where we grow olives and produce olive oil, but a protection site for a Mediterranean environment on the sea, where intact and native flora and fauna surround and coexist with the olive trees. Today as for thousands of years.
Strictly organic agricultural management, respecting the territory and the consumer.

olio planeta

Research and quality

The quality of our three oils is assured by the careful research on the cultivars – Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola. We collect the olives by hand from early October, and immediately take them to the mill, right in the middle of the olive grove, which we have renovated with a new two-phase decanter, capable of an even more delicate extraction in order to respect and enhance the characteristics of the product.


The territory

The oil is born in the
Capparrina Oasis