Bottiglia olio biancolilla su tavola

Harvest 2023


Destoned Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sicilia I.G.P. is born from the desire to highlight the essence of the Biancolilla variety, enhancing its organoleptic characteristics by pressing the olives only after they have been pitted.

100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml



Olive grove and frantoio

Capparrina, Menfi (AG)

Method of Cultivation

According to the criteria of organic agriculture

Harvest technique



Continuous cold cycle



mappa menfi_white

Intense, fruity, and aromatic oils.

Here’s how we process our olives.

We harvest the olives by hand starting from the early days of October. This early harvest is a deliberate choice, sacrificing yield to enhance the organoleptic qualities of each cultivar.
The process involves two stages. The olives are gently washed with water and then proceed to crushing. The olives are crushed in a hammer mill, reducing them to a paste. After crushing, the olive paste undergoes malaxation at a low temperature.
Following crushing and malaxation, the olive paste moves to the decanter, which separates the pure oil from the wet pomace. After decantation, the oil is ready and does not require centrifugation. Thanks to this high-tech production cycle, we obtain superior quality oils that go directly to the market.



Tasting notes

A light pale green colour with yellow lights. On the nose, aromas of thyme and slight suggestions of carob, of almond and white pepper. Overall a marine sensation, almost brackish. The absence of oil from the stone renders it especially delicate and sweet. It
is excellent with raw fish, shellfish, seared chicken, as well as kid, salads and tomatoes.