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Capo Milazzo

Capo Milazzo is a small peninsula on the island. It originated as an extension of the mountains in northern Sicily, from the emergence from the sea and subsequent transformations. It appears as a flat promontory bordered by steep escarpments that descend for almost 60 meters to the sea. Of alluvial origin, the soils are loose, dark, deep and with little skeleton, generally rich in the silt fraction.

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La Baronia

  • Estate since 2011 for rent
  • Total Hectares 8

It was 2011 when, together with the Lucifero Foundation, we brought eight hectares of vineyards back to life.
Here we have recovered the ancient tradition of Mamertino DOC (Nero d’Avola 60%, Nocera 40%) and Nocera (Sicilia DOC, Nocera 100%) and we have also introduced experimental research on three relic varieties: the Vitraruolo, the Lucignola and the Catanese Nera. After the “Invisible Cellar” of Noto and with the same desire to make our presence discreet, for Capo Milazzo we have thought of a “Dismountable Cellar”: it is the symbol of our project for this territory, oriented towards integral sustainability. We built the new winery, overlooking the sea, guided, as always, by the criteria of architectural avant-garde, eco-sustainability and minimum impact on the landscape. The supporting structure is small and light, made of iron and stone, designed to be temporary, fully removable and transportable without damage to the territory.

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