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From the sea to the hills, up to an altitude of 400 meters, the Menfi area is home to the largest extension of our vineyards: we cultivate over 250 hectares, making precise choices to adapt our vines – native and international – to the specificities of the individual terroirs.

cantina di ulmo


  • Estate since 1694
  • Total hectares 87

Our story and our journey began at Ulmo.
In the mid-1980s we planted our first vineyards around the 16th-century baglio that has always belonged to our family: an enchanted place full of memories from which we wanted to start a new future. A journey that began with the great international varieties – first and foremost our iconic Chardonnay, then Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Syrah – and continued with the traditional Sicilian varieties: Grecanico, Nero d’Avola, Grillo.
In 1995, we built the first winery on the shores of Lake Arancio and near its woods, within a landscape of great charm. Here the Iter Vitis museum was also born, surrounded by a “collection field” of different Sicilian and Georgian vines, designed to enhance the rich Sicilian winemaking culture.



  • Estate since 1755
  • Total hectares 141

Hidden in the heart of the hills among the vineyards of Menfi, the Dispensa estate is the beating heart of all our activities. The Baglio houses the family’s homes, while our production, administrative and logistical headquarters are developed around it. Most of the company’s production originates here, which is why we have built two wineries: the large and the small one. Repertorio, inside the small winery, is our family’s cellar, with the collection of our favorite labels from all over the world and all the vintages of Planeta wines. The Library houses hundreds of Italian and foreign volumes, from the 18th century to the present day, all dedicated to the history of vines and wine.


Monte Cirami

  • Estate since 2003
  • Total hectares 31

With the 2022 harvest, another important step was taken towards the company’s growth: a winery specializing in high-end reds. We have recovered a historic building in the Sambuca di Sicilia area, at about 450 meters above sea level. The Monte Cirami winery stands on the hill of the same name overlooking Lake Arancio and the Strait of Sicily; here the concrete tanks are filled by conveyor belt or gravity and the winemaking techniques aim to preserve the original characteristics of the grapes as much as possible. Thanks to a total adaptation of the internal spaces to respect its innate harmony, the winery is a perfect balance between the aesthetics of tradition and the most innovative production techniques.

Tavolo con sedie sotto il portico di un giardino


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