“Foreigners Everywhere” at the 60th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale

“Foreigners Everywhere” is part of a series of works known as @foreignerseverywhere, conceived by the artistic duo Claire Fontaine since 2004. Founded in Paris and now based in Palermo, the collective explores political, social, and existential themes prevalent in contemporary globalized society. As stated by the Biennale curator, Adriano Pedrosa, the expression itself encapsulates multiple meanings and reflects a shared condition that permeates our lives.

Planeta has long been a supporter of this artistic duo and hosted their work “Ettore Majorana” (2019) at their Sciaranuova estate on Mount Etna, one of Claire Fontaine’s early works after their relocation. The project was realized for the eighth edition of “Viaggio in Sicilia,” curated by Valentina Bruschi. Planeta wishes Claire Fontaine the best for this new and significant project, certain that it will continue to stimulate deep reflections and meaningful conversations.



Claire Fontaine is an artistic collective founded in Paris in 2004. It is known for its interdisciplinary work including visual art, sculpture, installation, video, writing, and political activism. The name “Claire Fontaine” comes from a French stationery brand and was chosen to suggest an anonymous and collective identity. The collective aims to explore themes such as capitalism, globalization, consumerism, power, and politics through their artistic work. Claire Fontaine has exhibited in numerous international shows and has received recognition for its contribution to contemporary art.


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