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Social Projects

Planeta has always been committed to social responsibility projects, collaborating with numerous organizations at local, national, and international levels. These include the creation of Parco della Salute in Palermo with the ViviSano Association to promote healthy lifestyles, the Dream project with the Sant’Egidio Community to support AIDS patients in Africa, which Planeta has promoted and supported for years, and fighting poverty among women working in agriculture in various countries worldwide with Oxfam Italy.


In Sicily, Vivisano

Il Parco della Salute

At local level we support the association Vivi Sano Onlus in their project to build a ‘Park of Health’ in the city of Palermo, in Sicily. The ‘Park of Health’ is an idea of social utility aimed at encouraging healthy growth of people through the adoption of a healthy life style. The project foresees the provision of services and organisation of free social service activities for minors who suffer from disadvantages of cultural, physical, mental, economic, social or family conditions. The guides of Vivi Sano and other partners in the project will promote their activities within a new centre to sustain the growth of children who live in difficult conditions, with structured and long-lasting interventions.

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In Italy. Comunità di Sant’Egidio

Wine for life

For years we have been consistent partners in two projects of the Community of Sant’Egidio; Wine for Life and Trattoria degli Amici. Wine for Life is an initiative linking for the first time great quality wine with saving a great continent like Africa where more than 25 million people already have HIV/AIDS with no medicine to cure it, and 14 million children are AIDS orphans. Through the sale of our Cerasuolo di Vittoria we contribute funds to fight this battle.
The Trattoria degli Amici is not a simple restaurant, but a centre managed by a co-operative where disabled people work assisted by professionals and friends helping voluntarily; they serve, cook and provide a welcoming atmosphere.



La Baronia estate in Capo Milazzo is located on land owned by the Fondazione Lucifero. The rent and royalties that Planeta pays to the Foundation are used to support activities for children in need, carried out by the Gigliopoli Association in the Milazzo area. In addition to recreational and educational activities, a teaching farm, an urban garden, and the Garden of the Righteous, dedicated to Sicilians who were victims of the mafia, have been created. La Baronia is situated within a Site of Community Interest for the protection of flora and is entirely surrounded by a protected marine area.


“Diego Planeta” scholarship

In 2021, in memory of Diego Planeta, the family established a scholarship to accompany young and talented scholars on their educational path, without tying themselves to a specific address but supporting them in their aspirations. Diego Planeta believed strongly in education and training, in the importance of instilling in young people an approach oriented toward openness and innovation and bent on generating change in society. Each year, the examining board awards a student who has achieved levels of excellence and high academic standing at the end of secondary school to support him or her with a grant of 10,000 euros annually until the end of the course of study. Prerequisite is to be the child of an employee of the Planeta company.



Cultural makers