We turned to Marius Mele, filmmaker and director of photography, to create the new corporate video, knowing that his skill, attention to detail, technique, and knowledge of our people and places would transfer the harmony and beauty of the Planeta landscape into video.

The resulting work represents a deep exploration of Sicily through the eyes of the company. It not only tells the story and philosophy of the family business but also takes the viewer into the very essence of the region, through its territories, estates, and hospitality venues.

Through breathtaking imagery and compelling editing, the video captures the vibrant and authentic soul of the island, offering an intimate and engaging look at what makes the Planeta experience unique. From sun-drenched vineyards to wild coastlines washed by the Mediterranean Sea, from wineries rich in history to hospitality venues immersed in the beauty of the landscape, the video transports the viewer on an exciting and multisensory journey.