Tailor-made experiences for every region and for every guest.  Planeta embodies ever more the task of best describing and bringing to life the Sicilian Experience through their hospitality and completely reorganising their proposals for travellers.
Empowered by over twenty years of work in preparing an approach to wine tourism in Sicily, Planeta will present their own revolution in this context at Vinitaly 2018, with a collection of unique offers for guests, planned to function together with local operators through their products and services.
‘We have always’, says Francesca Planeta, ‘combined our passion for Sicily with the desire to welcome those who wish to visit.  Because of this our wineries have never just been places devoted to the production of wine, but places of hospitality, linked to cookery, to nature and to culture.  And from this year we thought we could make still more of each region, planning for each one a portfolio of facilities tied to the uniqueness of the place, to the wines and to the beauty of the landscape’.

Thus, for example, a visit to Ulmo in the district of Menfi, a 16th century farmhouse where Planeta’s history began, will be an immersion in the atmosphere, the images and the traditional family cooking. In contrast, among the soft hills of Buonivini at Noto, the cradle of Nero d’Avola, the guests will find an informal welcome while exploring a great wine territory and pausing for a break under the carob trees. Again, at Sciaranuova on Etna, among the vines growing on the lava flows, they will be guided in a walk to discover the unique character of mountain vines.

A completely new list of exclusive services, which will be organised according to an annual calendar of activities planned according to the seasons, always leaving plenty of room for developing those tailor-made programmes for the more inquisitive and demanding wine tourists.
To the new developments in the wineries can be added those previously mentioned in March, the Spring re-opening of La Foresteria Menfi; the whole resort has been re-planned and improved from the rooms to the kitchen, from the welcome to the outside spaces, and from the facilities for guests to the communal areas.
In Palermo the provision for guests at Palazzo Planeta, the apartment hotel opened last year in the family building situated in the centre of the historic centre, will be entirely devoted to Palermo Capital of Culture 2018, with little-known walks to discover both its ancient spirit as well as some contemporary aspects of the Sicilian capital.