Planeta has won another prestigious international recognition, with the Meininger Awards Excellence in Wine & Spirits bestowing upon the family producer the title of “Wine Family of the Year” at the 18th annual event in Düsseldorf on 9 March 224.

The jury, composed of prominent journalists of the wine-sector publications of the Meininger group–Weinwirtschaft, Wine Business International, Sommelier, and Weinwelt—chose to award the Planeta family “For its long winegrowing tradition in Sicily, handed down for 17 generations. Over the years, this far-seeing family has dedicated itself primarily to viticulture, extending its activities over 400 hectares in six vineyards located in Sicily’s finest growing areas. Today, the Planetas constitute world-class excellence in Sicily’s vitivinicultural world.”

The official award ceremony was held in conjunction with the opening of Prowein, one of the wine world’s most important trade fairs, attracting hundreds participants and prominent wine figures from across the globe. Francesca, Alessio and Santi Planeta accepted the award from the Meininger family, owners of Meininger Verlag publishing house and sponsors of the event.

“We are deeply honored and grateful to be recognized as Wine Family of the Year at the Meininger Awards.” – stated Alessio Planeta, CEO of the company – “This nomination is a tribute to the dedication and untiring efforts that our family has invested for generations in viticulture in Sicily. It is also testimony to the passion and determination that have animated us in constantly striving for absolute excellence in our vineyards and in our wines. We thank the jury for having selected us and all those who contributed to our success. Today three generations of Planeta work in the company, with different roles and in great harmony. This award constitutes an additional motivation to continue along the path of innovation and quality, as we maintain our commitment to represent the highest qualities of Sicilian viticulture and to serve as its ambassador to the world.”

This prestigious award complements another equally coveted nomination a few months previously of Alessio Planeta as “Winemaker of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast, the authoritative North American wine journal and serves as further confirmation of the influence and talents of Alessio Planeta and the entire Planeta family on the international wine stage.