Alessio e Francesca Planeta

April 2021  Once again Planeta appears in ‘The List’, esteemed classification of the 50 ‘World’s most admired Wine Brands 2021’ presented by the British magazine Drinks International, and reaching 17th place in the list and 2nd among the 6 Italian wine firms presented.

‘The World’s most admired Wine Brands 2021’ has now issued its eleventh edition.  It is a high-profile classification, produced by Drinks International together with Wine Intelligence.  ‘The List’ appears every year; a catalogue of 50 brands of the most admired wines on five continents, selected by members of the ‘Drinks International’s Academy’, involving a hundred or so wine experts from wine-buyers to sommeliers, wholesalers, restaurant owners, Masters of Wine, wine writers, educators and other professionals.  Each of them is required to name their five most appreciated and admired brands of wine, basing their choices on values such as the ability to fully express their terroir, the quality of the wines, their consistency and relationship to their price, and finally the strength of the brand, of their communication to packaging and all their other characteristics.

‘We cannot find words to sufficiently thank Drinks International and their jury; we are truly flattered and delighted to be placed beside the most iconic global firms, particularly the many of them run by families and representing the history of wine from the beginning.

‘This recognition takes on a particular significance for us after the decease of our founder Diego Planeta’ declare Francesca, Alessio and Santi Planeta.  ‘In this unexpectedly troubled year, our team has worked to help us and we wish to thank them for communicating the values – almost exclusively through the web and social media – which have always directed us; those of a family involved in agriculture for 17 generations, in harmony with the land and respecting the environment. Values which were handed down by Diego Planeta, and which today more than ever remain our guiding star’.

The world’s most admired Wine Brands 2021 by Drinks International