Great news arrives from Etna for Planeta at Vinitaly 2013. The wines are finally ready with their label design and definitive image, the result of a long period of research. They are the first wines to be completely produced in the new winery at Feudo di Mezzo. This is an example of contemporary bio-architecture, which is also special for its cellar completely finished in stone, inspired by the traditional stone buildings on Etna, and thus achieving a natural heat insulation perfect for conserving wine. There are four new Etna labels, two of them for tasting at Vinitaly; Eruzione 1614 Carricante and Eruzione 1614 Nerello Mascalese. These are two wines which will shape Planeta’s production in future years and will provide it with volume and dimension. The “Eruption of 1614” is a very evocative name which celebrates a legendary eruption lasting for ten years. It is the longest in recorded time, and it halted just on the borders of the vineyards of Sciara Nuova. The eruption was sufficiently powerful to change the shape of the volcano. But this is not the end; to complete the project we will add a Etna Bianco DOC, from Carricante grapes of the Montelaguardia vineyard, and an Etna Rosso DOC from Nerello Mascalese grapes from managed vineyards in the Torreguarino and Pietramarina areas.