Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecilia

Nero d'Avola, DOC Noto


If we imagine Santa Cecilia to be like a ship that has sailed for twelve years to reach Sicily, then here with the 2008 vintage and the new DOC Noto, we can imagine that the ship has found a mooring in the most beautiful and safest harbour that exists; also full of history, appeal and tradition.
At last we can use the DOC Noto, thanks to which we can place on the label the name which represents the chosen territory of Nero d’Avola, the noble grape from which this wine is wholly produced. The new disciplinary of the DOC Noto was completed in January 2008 and was created with the intention of uniting the two historic grapes of the area, Moscato di Noto and Nero d’Avola, which between Pachino and the country to the south of Noto have been known for centuries. Two vines that can provide strength to the territory under a single name, DOC Noto.
Planeta has always wished for a DOC Noto and has always considered it fundamental to be able to communicate the importance of the territory of origin of their wine. Noto, that today can also boast the prestigious title of a UNESCO Heritage Site. Noto and Nero d’Avola, Noto and the baroque, and Noto and its Passito are a single entity.
We are firmly convinced that the DOC Noto and Nero d’Avola will become similar to that of Montalcino and Sangiovese; a unique area, extraordinary and without equal.

Santa Cecilia storytelling
In 1997 we decided to make wine from nero d’Avola grapes with a small addition of syrah, from our vineyard in Menfi and Sambuca di Sicilia. The objective was always the same; to produce a great wine from 100% Nero d’Avola, a wine destined for long and successful aging, a faithful interpreter of its terroir.
So we then restricted the areas of research to the district between Avola and Pachino, the true district of origin and of preference for this ancient vine. In 1998 we identified a piece of land at Noto, in the Buonivini district, that appeared to have the right features. There we patiently began to construct a winery, both from the
technical aspect where we totally renewed the wine-making machinery, to the architectural, by restoring the old buildings but also building an ‘invisible winery’, completely underground so that the delightful surrounding countryside would be unaffected. The work was neither straightforward nor rapid
but it has had results. Since 2003 our Santa Cecilia has been produced exclusively with Noto grapes processed at Buonivini. The unique characteristics of the soil and the micro-climate of the area have incredibly accentuated the qualities of Nero d’Avola, allowing Santa Cecilia to make a remarkable leap ahead. Now, after 12 vintages and a long and wearing progress, are we truly satisfied and proud of our research and experimental work. We can proudly say that many others –
producers, journalists, enthusiasts, opinion leaders – begin to agree that Nero d’Avola indeed has a particular area of preference which coincides with that of its origin. With these twelwe vintages of Santa Cecilia behind us, we are already thinking of those in the future, which thanks to the maturing of the vineyards and our acquisition of knowledge over these years will provide us with even more satisfaction. The attribution of D.O.C. Noto can only be the crowning point of a process of rediscovery of this great vine Nero d’Avola in a splendid terroir, Noto.